Amazing Phrasing by Kolb T.

By Kolb T.

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Give out task sheet 18 and ask course members to complete the exercise. • Look at the results (given below) of each of the advertising catch phrases. Discuss the view that "everyone is affected and influenced by advertising to some degree or another" based on the course member's results. Answers 1 Mars 2 Tetley Penguin 3 4 Kit Kat Heinz 5 British Rail 6 7 Carling Black Label Max (Maxwell House) 8 9 Sainsburys 10 Minstrels 11 Milk 12 Heineken 13 Mr. Kipling 54 • Task Sheet 18 ADVERTISING The following are well-known advertising catch phrases.

Very costly. Can give wrong impression about a product. May promote bias. Less costly depending on facility used. Reaches wide number of consumers. Promotes certain images. Limited range of methods. Easily destroyed. Easily observed by large numbers of people. Can fill otherwise useless areas. Take up space. Often visual eyesores. Easily defaced. Attract shoppers. Demonstrate goods. Only accessible to shoppers. Wear and tear on goods. Attention catching. Can give up-to-date information. Easily adjustable.

Snack bar project It will be necessary for you to decide who will staff the snack bar. If necessary you will have to work out a staffing rota to ensure that the goods are never left unattended and a good service is provided. 27 Re'"l 2JlOO eFulemploy Group ~ Task Sheet 11 RETAIL SIMULATION (8) Sales promotion The store should be an attractive place to shop. Decide on the following: • colour within the store for ceiling, walls, floor for separate departments for special areas • window display whether or not you will have one what kind of impact is needed e interior display what items you will display how you will display them • special offers what offers you will have how you will promote them • celebrity opening who will open the store.

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