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Affect regulation, mentalization, and the development of the by Peter Fonagy

By Peter Fonagy

Winner of the 2003 Gradiva Award and the 2003 Goethe Award for Psychoanalytic Scholarship Arguing for the significance of attachment and emotionality within the constructing human awareness, 4 trendy analysts discover and refine the techniques of mentalization and have an effect on law. Their daring, vigorous, and inspiring imaginative and prescient for psychoanalytic therapy combines components of developmental psychology, attachment conception, and psychoanalytic method. Drawing generally on case reviews and up to date analytic literature to demonstrate their principles, Fonagy, Gergely, Jurist, and objective supply types of psychotherapy perform that could permit the slow improvement of mentalization and impact law even in sufferers with lengthy histories of violence or forget.

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Mary Ainsworth and her colleagues (Ainsworth et al. 1978) found that the majority of middle-class 1-year-old children respond to the mother with proximity-seeking and relief at reunion (securely attached—B infants), but about 25% respond with subtle signs of indifference (anxious avoldantly attached—A infants), and a further 15% respond with proximity-seeking but little relief at reunion (anxious reslstantly attached—C infants). i Attachment and Reflective Function / 33 tion required to c h a n g e t h e other's s t a t e of m i n d .

Indeed, s t u d i e s o f t h e AAI-SSn association, w h i c h c o n c u r r e n t l y m e a s u r e d t h e sensitivity of caregiver-infant interaction; h a v e yielded negative (Ward a n d Carlson 1995) or inconclusive (van U z e n d o o r n , Kranenburg, Zwart-Woudstra, V a n B u s s c h b a c h , a n d L a m b e r m o n 1991) res u l t s . Previously, we h a v e suggested t h a t t h e t r a n s m i s s i o n g a p m a y be a c o n s e q u e n c e of t h e limitations of m e a s u r e s of sensitivity (Fonagy, Steele, Moran, Steele, a n d Higgitt 1992; Fonagy, Steele, et al.

224), a n d t h e idea h a s a long a n d distinguished history (Mahler, Pine, a n d B e r g m a n 1975; Vygotsky 1978; Werner a n d Kaplan 1963). Bowlby (1969) recognized the Attachment and Reflective Function / 45 significance of t h e developmental step entailed in t h e emergence of "the child's capacity b o t h to conceive of h i s m o t h e r a s having her own goals a n d ' i n t e r e s t s s e p a r a t e from h i s own a n d to t a k e t h e m into a c c o u n t " (1969, p.

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