Developmental Psychology

Adaptive Origins: Evolution and Human Development by Peter LaFrenière

By Peter LaFrenière

In this text, students are invited to reconsider psychology through grounding it within the usual sciences with the certainty that evolutionary and developmental approaches interact with tradition to resolve difficulties of human model. those tactics are forged as interdependent: improvement can't be understood other than within the mild of evolutionary idea, and the simplest facts of evolution is the very fact of improvement. for college kids of evolutionary psychology, all of the principal issues -- such as developed psychological modules for concept of brain or language -- require an figuring out of the developmental tactics that result in their expression. Genes, as very important as they're, are by no means the entire tale.

The role of organic elements is explored in chapters outlining evolution, improvement, genetics, human origins, hormones and the mind. Then, the integrative price of this evolutionary/developmental imaginative and prescient in realizing key subject matters in psychology is illustrated through using it to conventional region of inquiry together with infancy and attachment, feelings and their expression, social relatives with friends, cognitive and language improvement, intercourse variations, courtship and mating, violence and aggression, and cooperation and pageant.

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5 (continued). These phylogenetic adaptations, from the finch’s beak to the human eye, are “shaped” over time by environmental demands and opportunities. Likewise behavioral adaptations represent the accumulation of information about features of the environment that have at some time been critical in enhancing survival and reproductive success. Lorenz viewed the innate structures of thought, language, and emotional expression in humans to be excellent examples of phylogenetic adaptations, foreshadowing the emergence of evolutionary psychology.

A common misinterpretation of kin altruism is that animals (including humans) must be able to perform these calculations in their head or are constantly trying to figure out some aspect of the equation. This is Contemporary Evolutionary Perspectives 35 definitely not the case in nonhuman animals, and even with respect to humans, there is no assumption that such calculations are conscious. The problem of altruism in evolutionary theory stimulated Harvard theorist Robert Trivers (1971) to work out an additional explanation for the existence of altruism.

Evolution of Development The emerging discipline of evolutionary developmental biology gained impetus from the discovery of genes regulating embryonic development. Evolutionary developmental biology (EDB) is the branch of biology that compares the developmental processes of different species in order to understand the nature of development itself and how it evolved. It addresses the origin and evolution of embryonic development, how modifications of developmental processes lead to the production of novel features, and the role of developmental plasticity in evolution.

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