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Adam by Jacquelyn Frank

By Jacquelyn Frank

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From the hot York Times-bestselling writer of The Sisterhood of the touring Pants Ann Brashares comes her first grownup novelIn town of Waterby on hearth Island, the rhythms and rituals of summer time are sacrosanct: the ceremonial arrivals and departures through ferry; yacht membership dinners with bad foodstuff and breathtaking perspectives; the digital decree opposed to footwear; and the generational parade of sandy, sun-bleached little ones, working, swimming, squealing, and coming of age at the seashore.

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And besides, the traitorous bitch was coming after her child. Bella would see to it Ruth paid for even daring to think about touching Leah. Damn the painful consequences she might suffer. If Bella didn’t do something, they all would die anyway. Clearly Jacob felt the same, or he would have volubly protested her impending actions through the telepathic link they shared with one another. He knew what potential harm there was to his wife, but while he’d argued against it in the past on many occasions, there was no time to argue now.

And Leah didn’t doubt that the barren Queen had been strongly in favor of the idea for other reasons as well. The fight had, she came to understand, caused some rifts between Elijah and his King ... and even between Magdelegna and her brother. Legna and Noah had once been very loving and very close, but now the relationship was strained. All because of Leah. Eventually it had come down to the Great Council’s vote on the matter. The Council had strongly sided with Leah’s Siddah and Demon tradition, and so she had been raised by Elijah and Legna and Legna’s Demon mate Gideon.

Leah’s guilt. She felt bad for making them sorrowful, and the older she was, the worse it seemed to get. Apparently her face and eyes made her a dead ringer for her mother, while her build and hair reminded everyone of her father. “I think I’ll just stay here,” she said as she almost invariably did whenever she thought of visiting the Demon court. Actually, her thoughts were far more engaged with the fascinating concept of learning about an uncle she had never heard of before. ” “Adam? ” Elijah paused to thrust the blade he was forging deep into the hot coals before him.

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