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A Reference Book of English Words and Phrases for Foreign by R. F. Price

By R. F. Price

A Reference ebook of English phrases and words for overseas technological know-how scholars is a reference publication of English phrases and words for international scholars, for use as an relief whilst examining books on technological know-how, making notes, or whilst describing experiments. it really is meant to educate the non-technical English phrases and words that are essential to describe and clarify issues and occasions scientifically. directions on easy methods to use the e-book are integrated. made out of 8 chapters, this publication starts by means of introducing the reader to features of items (shape, composition, texture, colour, style and smell). next chapters specialise in family (quantitative family and dimension, spatial kin and order, temporal relatives, complete and part); activities (change, movement, innovations and use of apparatus); proof, options, and difficulties in technological know-how; the medical process; causation and class; and the actual, the overall, and comparisons. This monograph is meant for international scholars who desire to write transparent, concise English and to appreciate extra truly the tools utilized by scientists in fixing difficulties.

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T h i s clay is d r y . N o w it is n o t plastic. I t is stiff. H o t i r o n c a n b e shaped with a hammer. I t is malleable. I r o n r o d c a n b e pulled into thin wire. I t is ductile. 34 ENGLISH WORDS A N D PHRASES F O R FOREIGN SCIENCE STUDENTS T h e t h r e a d in (i) holds u p a l a r g e mass. T h e t h r e a d is strong. T h e t h r e a d in (ii) h a s n o t held u p a similar mass. T h e t h r e a d h a s b r o k e n . T h e t h r e a d is not strong. T h e t h r e a d is weak. T a k e a piece of .

I) is a darker t o n e t h a n (ii). (ii) is a lighter t o n e t h a n (i). T h e s e t w o hues a r e b o t h b l u e . T h e y h a v e t h e s a m e tone value, b u t t h e y a r e a different colour / hue. H e r e w h i t e light is b e i n g dispersed as it passes t h r o u g h a prism. O n t h e screen o n t h e r i g h t a r e t h e colours of t h e s p e c t r u m : r e d , o r a n g e , yellow, g r e e n , b l u e a n d violet. 40 E N G L I S H W O R D S A N D P H R A S E S F O R F O R E I G N SCIENCE STUDENTS T h e s e t h r e e colours c a n n o t b e matched b y m i x i n g o t h e r c o l o u r e d lights.

T h e surface is polished / glossy. Polished surfaces reflect light. Polished surfaces look bright. QUALITIES OF THINGS 37 l a k e a piece of black cloth. H o l d it in t h e s u n . Y o u c a n n o t see a n y light reflected from its surface. Its surface is not bright. Its surface is dull. T h e cloth has a matt surface. H e r e is a r u b b e r b a n d , (i). W h e n it is s t r e t c h e d it gets l o n g e r (ii). W h e n t h e s t r e t c h i n g force is r e m o v e d it returns to its original length.

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