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A New Foundation of Physical Theories by Günther Ludwig

By Günther Ludwig

Written within the culture of G. Ludwig’s groundbreaking works, this publication goals to explain and formulate extra exactly the basic principles of actual theories. through introducing a simple descriptive language of easy shape, during which it really is attainable to formulate recorded evidence, ambiguities of actual theories are refrained from up to attainable. during this method the sphere of physics that are meant to be defined by way of a idea relies on simple suggestions simply, i.e. thoughts that may be defined with no thought. during this context the authors introduce a brand new idea of idealization and evaluation the method of gaining knowledge of new thoughts. they think that, while the theories are formulated inside an axiomatic foundation, ideas are available to many tricky difficulties corresponding to the translation of actual theories, the relatives among theories in addition to the advent of actual strategies. The booklet addresses either physicists and philosophers of technology and may inspire the reader to give a contribution to the knowledge of the lasting center of actual wisdom concerning the genuine constructions of the realm.

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Semantic relations of reference and representation An adequate representation of a whole domain of facts requires a system of concepts and propositions. Relation of Denotation The relation of denotation holds between some members at the linguistic level and their correlates at the reality level. This relation of denotation is construed as the composition of the relations of designation, and of reference or representation between the ‘linguistic level’ and the - reality level - via the “conceptual level”!

Not : a has not the property p ’, and therefore we do not also introduce the “axiom” that this double negation is equivalent to the sentence ‘a has the property p ’. We also do not introduce the negation of a compound natural sentence composed of sentences (p) and (r). The logic of Bl is therefore very weak; it will be fixed later by the translation of Bl into a mathematical language and by the axioms for the mathematical logical signs ‘∧’ and ‘¬’ (see Sects. 1). 2 The Semantics of the Basic Language The meaning of the words in a sentence are given by a more or less long process.

Instead of p1 (x) ∨ p2 (x) ∨ p3 (x) we can write x ∈ y. The second axiom is {x | p0 (x)} is a finite set. , there can be only finitely many objects in the text A. , if y is the set corresponding to a herd of sheep, one can then count the elements of y. But in physics there are sets in which the number of elements is so large that we can never count all of these elements since we can never record “all” of the objects. 2) under the sign Θ. For the theory enriched in this way we write M TΘ . 48 3 From Reality to Mathematics Example A We add to M T two new constants p and r: p is a relation of weight 1 noted p(x), and r is a relation of weight 3 noted r(x1 , x2 , α) where α is a real number α ∈ IR and IR is a finite set of real numbers.

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